Re-TreatMEnt please

What do I mean by Re-TreatMEnt please. Well as social services providers we are constantly doing treatment plans for our clients. We meet with the client and develop plans with the client. We make sure the goals are small, obtainable and measurable goals. We get their agreement and a possible time frame and we move forward with the plans.

Well what about us as providers? What shall our treatment plan look like?  I thought, well maybe it should not even be called a treatment plan, yet a RetreatMEnt plan. That means that we will “retreat” and care for ourselves when we need to. “treatment” being that we need to make it our goal to do this on a regular basis and be specific about how we will obtain the goals. And the ME inside of RetreatMEnt means that this is all about YOU. Nobody else in the business..not at home…not about clients, but all about YOU the provider.

What is your RetreatMEnt plan helpers? For starters I need a real life vacation, the beach, some meditation, good healthy food, maybe even time in a sweet lodge and a pedicure chair. Who knows, I know I need to work on my plan….

RetreatMEnt plan here I come. Come with?

Published by LPC Chris

Counseling is the name of my game. I have counseled so many individuals since my early days of case management when I was just 22 years old. I have seen a lot and been through the highs and lows of working in the helping profession. My back especially can tell you the story of what's it's like to not take self care seriously when working 60 hour week, plus grad school and personal events. I would like to help those who have also not done well in the self care department. Help you counselor. Counseling4Counselor is the place for you!! Check out my other blog as well, which depicts a transition I made due to being burned out in the helping profession. Update September 2014: I moved back to Nashville from Blacksburg, Salem/Roanoke area after being away almost three years. I transitioned from a big southern city to a much smaller rural college town in a little under 3 years. What I learned about myself, God, and other people is priceless..The biggest lessons came when I came back home to Nashville and how the changes within myself, my city and others affected my whole world. Transitions are not easy. They are challenging, full of joy, disappointments, encouraging, feelings of abandonment, feelings of great nostalgia and the whole bipolar like spectrum..without the mania and without the diagnosis. hehe. Check it out here and come back often! I love visitors! And welcome to the wonderful world of an ever changing GEN Y'er/Millenial! Also Remember, it's always Cool2bChrisP!

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