First before you start reading about me..You came here for a reason. Why that reason is I can assume it, yet I am not sure. So start off by looking at the images on this page, then take a few deep breaths. Have you taken your breaths yet? Ok so here it goes. I am a counselor and have been in the social services field for 11 years. I am a native of the great city of Nashville and have worked in the big city as well as rural towns. I have been employed with not for profits and in school systems helping students, at risk teens and their families as well as adult mental health community care. I have felt like a parent(although I’m childless) to the abandoned, a friend to the friendless and a ladder for the hopeless. I have saved tax payer dollars as I have created many bonds with individuals who were suicidal by preventing them from making the choice to end their lives. I have taught social skills to those who experience not being able to emotionally regulate their emotions through the transitions and trials of life. The helping profession has given me great rewards yet I have been burned several times while on duty. I know others have been burned out, toasted, sick, ran out and cussed out. I will share some stories of my own and I invite you to do the same. This site is for the counselors who need to converse, need to read, need to debrief, share praise reports and grief stories about counseling life. The life that many of us feel we were born into. There is no other way to go, but to work in the helping profession..it is where our greatest passion lies. Feel free to read, to laugh, to cry, to share(anonymously if you like) and benefit from counseling4counselor. So Glad you stopped in. *insert deep breathing here*