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If you have not checked out 2 of my guest post on the site, you’re missing out. Go to the blog section of the site  and find my posts! I have one more in the series that I’m working on. I hope that it helps those in the profession become better helpers by applying the same energy that we pour into others onto ourselves!


I said yes to BHC

My new role is a Behavioral Health Consultant for Integrated Health Services. Basically what that means is when patients come into the clinic for whatever reason, they have access to a therapist. A BHC is more solution focused which makes sessions much shorter and the solutions can assist with overall wellbeing. A lot of the patients I see do not have insurance and some do. I see many patients who have diabetes and high blood pressure. Sometimes there is a behavioral factor in those diagnosis due to anxiety, depression and stress. It has been fun going into exam rooms because YOU never know what you are going to get as you open the door to see patients! You have to make them aware that you are NOT their doctor because some will assume that you are their provider and will tell you all about their medical issues and I will have to redirect the conversation to behavioral health. I have had interesting conversations that dive into people’s sex lives, spiritual lives, substance use and abuse, to people crying from stress, to people who deny having anxiety but their blood pressure is through the roof, to talking to people from different nationalities. My favorite one so far has been a guy from the Ivory Coast who told my coworker and I that we are doing God’s work talking to the sick and helping them be better mentally as well as physically. This was day 3 on the job and when he told me of how God placed me where I am for a reason, I almost started tearing up…he just didn’t know my recent struggles. Ha, but God!

It has been a month full of learning, but I LOVE it so far. Everyday I go home thanking God for where I am right now. It took me forever seems like to get here. It took FOREVER to get some respect as a clinician, forever to be able to get back to doing what I went to school to do! I sit back thinking about how I escaped a dead end situation that I knew was a dead end even before I signed on the dotted line. I think about how nice it was that during my new job’s orientation, it was related to us the understanding of what clinicians go through in the field and how thinking outside of the box is welcomed as well as self care. We are treated like independent contractors and I love my independence and I love flexibility!

The clinic where I work has a friendly air about it. People speak and they genuinely seem like they love what they do. All the providers from the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, janitors, etc. It seems like they are being taken care of very well by their company and they know their work is fulfilling. That’s a great thing for me, because I can immediately pick up on people’s energies.

Shout out to a friend of mine who forwarded my resume to this company! She doesn’t know that she saved me!

Days like this?

IMG_2521If you’re experiencing days like this at work, then it’s time for a vacation, retirement, or to quit what you’re doing. Why torture yourselves helpers? Self care prevents moments like these. Moments when no one should “try” you, or even dare to cross you.

When was the last time I felt this way? Whether in the professional world or personal? For me? It was all of May 2017 at my old job. Personally, I just won’t show up and will pay the fine to avoid some people. That’s just to protect myself and the gifts that are within me.

Re-TreatMEnt please

What do I mean by Re-TreatMEnt please. Well as social services providers we are constantly doing treatment plans for our clients. We meet with the client and develop plans with the client. We make sure the goals are small, obtainable and measurable goals. We get their agreement and a possible time frame and we move forward with the plans.

Well what about us as providers? What shall our treatment plan look like?  I thought, well maybe it should not even be called a treatment plan, yet a RetreatMEnt plan. That means that we will “retreat” and care for ourselves when we need to. “treatment” being that we need to make it our goal to do this on a regular basis and be specific about how we will obtain the goals. And the ME inside of RetreatMEnt means that this is all about YOU. Nobody else in the business..not at home…not about clients, but all about YOU the provider.

What is your RetreatMEnt plan helpers? For starters I need a real life vacation, the beach, some meditation, good healthy food, maybe even time in a sweet lodge and a pedicure chair. Who knows, I know I need to work on my plan….

RetreatMEnt plan here I come. Come with?

June 1

Hello JUNE! My how you came to us so very fast! We are 6 months into the year now and I’m wondering how I can fully take advantage of the long summer nights! This is one of my fav times of the year!

I need to write down my June goals as today I start my new JOB! Yay! Hmmm I’m going to have to think on my goals bc I really haven’t made any all year. This year there have been a string of things I needed to concentrate on, one thing after the other.

I know I will be taking advantage of the free events going on in my city, hoping to catch a trail for hiking, and take better care of me, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve neglected some of my areas for a while. So June be good to ya girl!

june goals?! What are yours?

Shout out to the following…

I am not sure how people fall upon my website outside of facebook, but I appreciate you.


So shout out to the following individuals represented by the countries below.



I think I am missing two flags. But shout out to Portugal, Hong Kong, S Korea, France, India, UK, Italy, Spain(although I know who’s in spain ;-*), Pakistan, Brazil and Israel. Thank you for falling upon my website sometime between now and the past three months. WELCOME and come back to see me.

School Dayz

My last day on my job is tomorrow and it’s a big deal for me. A big deal because I am entering into a position that I have not done before yet, it is in my field of social services. I am moving into the world of behavioral health. For seven years I have conducted school based therapy and as it looks right now, my school days are gone. Am I sad about it? No, not really, but a little piece of me is. I love working with students and their families…it can be taxing though when there’s a lack of parental buy in to assist children to be successful in academics though. The best part about working in schools was being able to see improvements and maturation in a student over the period of a year. How their brains grow and how improvements in their behaviors can be seen…or not. *btw some of what I wrote in my resignation letter was that I have had the privilege to work with students, school administration, at risk youth and their families. I have transitioned youth from residential services to their own communities in counties across the state of TN. I have grieved the loss of youth as if they were my own children. I have worked with individuals from lower to middle SES and neighborhoods from “urban” areas to places with busted trailer homes in Rural Virginia. Seen the worse and the best in people, but none of my work or successes have made it onto trophies, the news, or the paper, yet none of it has been in vain. I highlight this only because it was communicated to me recently that my resume was “narrow”*  And that was just a few words from my letter of resignation. I have not heard nor received any emails from the powers that be the tried to intimidate me a couple of months ago.



I am excited about this new change because it means an improvement in my career. I kept praying for a new change, a change that includes me learning more and gaining tools for my therapeutic tool box. I am also going to be paid a percentage to obtain my licensure which is great news for me! It’s like finally, a breakthrough after being in a career slump for a while and not using my advanced degree for what it was meant to be. Will the work be challenging? Sure will, it has been a while since I have reviewed psychotropic medicine, it has been a while since I worked in a clinic. It has been a while since I had a job the required me to use my mental health skills to problem solve. I have not written an authentic therapeutic note in three years almost. But I am ready for the education of it all. You know what else is funny? The fact that as a little girl I wanted to be a pediatrician…but rather than being a ped working in a clinic. I am a behavioral health consultant working in a clinic. Go FIGURE!


I QUIT! That’s right I said it! I turned in my letter of resignation for a job that I have had for almost 11 months. It has felt like I worked on this job for 10 years. I have had a lot of conflict on the job and I have been disrespected on the job since the last week of February. I have cried, I have prayed, I have talked and processed with my special people and I have hustled to work in a position that I had no real experience in. I have been sneaking off to do interviews, face to face, phone interviews, taking long lunch breaks to go on second interviews….configuring my budget…I was turned down for positions and then offered positions that I turned down due to finances. I have turned down offers for interviews as well. It has been an exhausting time for me.

The CEO of the company I work for had a hand in dissolving my school therapy position and moved me to work in the projects for a neighborhood grant. My tittle changed, but that was NOT The worse part. The worse part was throwing me into the position without any support. Then two weeks into the job I was called into a meeting with leadership and told that I was previously non productive, I have been described at being “disengaged” and “missing” meetings. When YES I was learning the job dumb dumbs, and I won’t know to be where I am supposed to be without adequate communication!? I showed up really late to a meeting one day because the location was wrong in my email. I was actually 20 mins early but sitting down in a building down the street, while the meeting had started in a building up the street. But I was supposed to call somebody to confirm and not be late….*crickets*

By the end of this meeting that obviously was not a productive meeting but was a scolding session with an agenda directed at scolding me for my performance on a job that I was very new to…… The CEO felt it was necessary to mention that she had viewed my resume and MY resume is “narrow”. I looked at this woman as well as side eyed the other two gentleman, in this moldy room and thought, how dare you discount my years of experience to justify your treatment of me….. My resume that includes missions work, that includes working with adults, students, at risk youth and families, school faculty, that includes traveling all over the state to provide transitional services, that has two degrees and a pending licensure, a resume that has teaching experiences and community service, that includes working with individuals from the projects, to middle class to individuals who live in old busted down homes and trailers in Rural Virginia. A resume that represents years of helping those individuals that normal people don’t have the patience for…A resume that has loved so many children who were not my own flesh and blood , to a resume that has experienced loss and grief, a resume that has learned that I really don’t have to be a doormat, so watch me leave.

Since then I let them know that you will never blind side me like that, I don’t care who calls you and tells you about my performance out in the community, you better ask me about it first. Why? Because I will have everything documented. Trust. Me. I have experienced ageism in this position, as everyone has a few years on me, was asked if I was pregnant in a meeting by a woman who should know better and there have been sabotage attempts to get me to not perform as well on tasks. BUT GOD!

I write all of this because a counselor’s heart, a helper’s heart has to be protected from people who despitefully use it. It happens on jobs and it happens in our personal lives.  My boyfriend says it to me all of the time that I have ALLOWED people to do things to me. I have allowed disrespect, I have allowed people to betray trust, I have allowed people to run over me lots of times. Stop allowing it and let the pain GO! So I quit with people who disrespect me, don’t value  me or my efforts, people who lie and manipulate. It’s unfortunate to be around those type people in both professional and personal life, but such is LIFE. 2017 has me quitting a lot of stuff that just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle and that is all apart of SELF CARE. I love a lot of people who show me often that they too love me back. How do they show me? By love in action. At the end of the day and the beginning of it, the best love I will ever have is the love I have for myself.

*My resignation letter was the bomb, if I may say so myself!* And I have more people that I need to write or verbally give resignation letters to. How about you?? “Dear_______; I QUIT, Have a nice life.” Give the people a pink slip who do you NO GOOD! Friday is coming up and the best day for a pink slip I heard is on a FRIDAY! HAHAHA