This week I went to a Yoga and Mindfulness training for adolescents on Wednesday. It was for work and I did not expect to gain as much practical information as I did. The trainer is who I enjoyed, as she is passionate about her craft and the information she presents. I arrived at this trainingContinue reading “Heaven”

School Dayz

My last day on my job is tomorrow and it’s a big deal for me. A big deal because I am entering into a position that I have not done before yet, it is in my field of social services. I am moving into the world of behavioral health. For seven years I have conductedContinue reading “School Dayz”

Thursday’s tidbit: 7 things deeply intuitive people…

I recently saw this on my linkedin account. So I had to copy and paste this for you all to read from Dr. Bradberry.  I think it’s beneficial in our field to hone into our intuition. I know that sometimes I have doubted my intuition and I’m saying that I regret that now. We haveContinue reading “Thursday’s tidbit: 7 things deeply intuitive people…”

Happy Friday appointment

Here is your appointment that awaits you helper. When you get the moment on this Friday or sometime this weekend. Dive into this scene in your favorite corner of your home. Unplug this weekend, recover from the stress, the symptoms of illness and recoup from all that traveling from point A and B right hereContinue reading “Happy Friday appointment”

Morning session

Good Morning helpers! I have been ill this week with sinusitis and pharyngitis. I’m trying to head to work early today and as we speak I have a heating pad on my forehead. But it’s Friday! We made it to the end of the week after Thanksgiving break! Woohoo! While I’ve been home Resting. I’veContinue reading “Morning session”

Goodnight session

Enjoy these last few hours before meeting the man! Get s good nights rest, plan your meals, love on your families, exercise, pray, balance your checkbook, find your favorite book, poem or scripture. And for all those traveling again be safe! There will be traffic on the highways and bi-ways!   love Counselor Chris P!❤️

Good Tuesday night helpers

Night time has found us again. I just returned to my humble abode and am grateful to be back to check in with you all and relax. So my questions are? Did you complete your day? How was it? Did you find a way to debrief, process your day? Did you pour love back intoContinue reading “Good Tuesday night helpers”

Do you need help counselor?

  Comment, share or read about how counseling4counselor.com creates a safe space for one to vent their frustrations, their needs and praise reports even anonymously if needed! I’ve been there. Many times co-workers cannot help and supervisors definitely cannot help. I’ll be waiting right here, Peace and Blessings, Counselor Chris P.