This week I went to a Yoga and Mindfulness training for adolescents on Wednesday. It was for work and I did not expect to gain as much practical information as I did. The trainer is who I enjoyed, as she is passionate about her craft and the information she presents. I arrived at this trainingContinue reading “Heaven”

School Dayz

My last day on my job is tomorrow and it’s a big deal for me. A big deal because I am entering into a position that I have not done before yet, it is in my field of social services. I am moving into the world of behavioral health. For seven years I have conductedContinue reading “School Dayz”

Thursday’s tidbit: 7 things deeply intuitive people…

I recently saw this on my linkedin account. So I had to copy and paste this for you all to read from Dr. Bradberry.  I think it’s beneficial in our field to hone into our intuition. I know that sometimes I have doubted my intuition and I’m saying that I regret that now. We haveContinue reading “Thursday’s tidbit: 7 things deeply intuitive people…”

Happy Friday #FBF🙌🏾

Friday got me like……I should’ve called out sick too, but imma save these days for a vacation.

Good Morning🤓

This was my view early this morning. I have an exam tonight. My professor says it will not be as hard as the previous exam, but that means nothing to me. I don’t wanna get my face broke!  

Non profit session part2

  My picture of the day…I actually found this little cart thing by the trash can of my complex. Residents will put items they don’t want on the side of the dumpster rather than inside the dumpster if the item is something that someone else may want. I went to the dumpster in hopes to doContinue reading “Non profit session part2”

My guest post

check out my guest post! Excuse some of the typos. It freaks me out seeing them so I will make sure on the next series that I’ll triple check my writings… https://onlinecounselingprograms.com/blog/ Enjoy!

My test grade👍🏾

Praise the Lord! My first test in 6 years outside of the GRE. Look at my grade…eeekkkk outta all that red ink, I still managed to get an A! This test was something else. But look at God! Anyway…on to the next!

Burnout self-test

Thanks to this website for this questionniare where you can find out whether or not you are experiencing burn out or not. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTCS_08.htm Check it out and let me know where you scored and I’ll let you know what mine is!