Wait til they see my smile…

Alicia Keys came out with this song back during a time where I was struggling with a lot of first time adult things on top of childhood pains. The year was 2009 when the album “The Element of Freedom” was dropped. I was working a job that had me on the road doing therapy/case management.Continue reading “Wait til they see my smile…”

The first 20

Good Monday Morning!   What do you do the first 20 minutes after you wake up? I listened to Les Brown last week and he said the first 20 mins of your day will set the tone and mood for the rest of your day. If you start out negatively, it has a possibility ofContinue reading “The first 20”

Note to self series

I have been away because my days have been spent looking for replacement vehicles for my 11 year old Nissan Murano. I had the truck for 7 years and did not anticipate buying another vehicle for at least another year. I loved my note free days! Anyway, so not only was I looking for replacementContinue reading “Note to self series”

Happy Friday #FBF🙌🏾

Friday got me like……I should’ve called out sick too, but imma save these days for a vacation.

Inspire Me February

I am back. I have been away for a few days as life has been moving quickly with school work and time schedules. I’d love to inspire you today. It’s FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!! *Picture this* Remember when you were a fresh and new college graduate? You greeted the world with fresh eyes and energy! You had conquered theContinue reading “Inspire Me February”

The Survivor’s Session

This song resonated with me last night as I was on the way home from my graduation from my weight loss program. During the graduation all of the participants were able to share their personal statements, their affirmations and their what can “I” do that I could not do before the 12 week program? MyContinue reading “The Survivor’s Session”

Earth Wind and Fire Friday session.

So people maybe a little haywire today. The coworkers, students, clients, case load and supervisors  maybe not speaking your language today the 13th. Your nerves maybe a little bad. I know mine is. It started in a bit of traffic this morning while on the way to work. I believe some people just get inContinue reading “Earth Wind and Fire Friday session.”

Road Blocks

Good Afternoon.. Yesterday was my first day back conducting groups with my high schoolers and we discussed vision boards and road blocks. I had no clue that they’d be listening to me as I used some transparencies about road blocks in my own life. I told them of the story of how long it hasContinue reading “Road Blocks”

Happy Friday appointment

Here is your appointment that awaits you helper. When you get the moment on this Friday or sometime this weekend. Dive into this scene in your favorite corner of your home. Unplug this weekend, recover from the stress, the symptoms of illness and recoup from all that traveling from point A and B right hereContinue reading “Happy Friday appointment”