Wait til they see my smile…

Alicia Keys came out with this song back during a time where I was struggling with a lot of first time adult things on top of childhood pains. The year was 2009 when the album “The Element of Freedom” was dropped. I was working a job that had me on the road doing therapy/case management.Continue reading “Wait til they see my smile…”

Private Party Invitation

You are cordially invited to a private event that celebrates you for being you! Look, we all know the things that we need to personally improve upon, but what about what the accomplishments, the strengths of character, that has already been done and shown? When was the last time you did a check in withContinue reading “Private Party Invitation”

These dreams..excite

Why am I about to write about dreams smack in the middle of the day? I just wanted to share with you counselor, a conversation I had with my boo thing the other day. I asked him, do you have moments at work where you get excited about your work?? He said, no. So IContinue reading “These dreams..excite”

Welcome back-Tuesday Session of Humor

Enjoy mental health professionals and for those of you that took an extended break for the Holidays. Welcome back to work! Love that you decided to stop in today. My recovery story will be coming shortly. Happy New Year again and I hope one of your resolutions involve sharing with me AND taking better careContinue reading “Welcome back-Tuesday Session of Humor”

My health..Part 1

The major reason for the birth of this website….I am about to go real personal. I just had surgery last Friday and it has been a delicate and painful experience.. continue to read on. Some people do not go this personal on their websites. Some work for the CIA when it comes to their livesContinue reading “My health..Part 1”

Happy Friday appointment

Here is your appointment that awaits you helper. When you get the moment on this Friday or sometime this weekend. Dive into this scene in your favorite corner of your home. Unplug this weekend, recover from the stress, the symptoms of illness and recoup from all that traveling from point A and B right hereContinue reading “Happy Friday appointment”

Tuesday session=humor

  Enjoy your Tuesday session. I have been under the weather and needed a bit of humor!     I found these images online, I do not own any of these. The last one was my favorite! Happy Tuesday session of humor, Love Counselor Chris P!

Be honest about Secondary Trauma..let’s talk

The Cost of Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and the difference between that and burnout. If you are in the helping profession, which includes mental health, medical field or those who are taking care of others day in and day out. Please take care of yourself. You may not “feel” stressed, but your body is screaming!Continue reading “Be honest about Secondary Trauma..let’s talk”

6 ways counselors stay happy..

According to this article from CNN…crisis counselors have found ways to stay happy among the chaos that is their jobs. How crisis counselors stay happy By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN Updated 11:27 AM ET, Fri May 29, 2015 Follow CNN’s Project Happy to explore what happiness means today, dive deep into the different ways we pursueContinue reading “6 ways counselors stay happy..”