This week I went to a Yoga and Mindfulness training for adolescents on Wednesday. It was for work and I did not expect to gain as much practical information as I did. The trainer is who I enjoyed, as she is passionate about her craft and the information she presents. I arrived at this trainingContinue reading “Heaven”

Inspire Me February

I am back. I have been away for a few days as life has been moving quickly with school work and time schedules. I’d love to inspire you today. It’s FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!! *Picture this* Remember when you were a fresh and new college graduate? You greeted the world with fresh eyes and energy! You had conquered theContinue reading “Inspire Me February”

Road Blocks

Good Afternoon.. Yesterday was my first day back conducting groups with my high schoolers and we discussed vision boards and road blocks. I had no clue that they’d be listening to me as I used some transparencies about road blocks in my own life. I told them of the story of how long it hasContinue reading “Road Blocks”

Up next..

Later today I will give my readers the opportunity to rep your work! Let me know what line of the helping profession you are in and what all that entails in the comment section. That is coming up this evening! So get ready to shout out your profession..you can do so anonymously!! I want toContinue reading “Up next..”