Acupuncture and Cupping-Self Care

  I would like for everyone to try acupuncture and cupping in their lifetime. I think there’s awesome mind and body benefits to both. Add that to eating well and getting adequate nutrition and your body will thank you. I started Acupuncture in late February to get myself on track to better health. 2017 justContinue reading “Acupuncture and Cupping-Self Care”


I QUIT! That’s right I said it! I turned in my letter of resignation for a job that I have had for almost 11 months. It has felt like I worked on this job for 10 years. I have had a lot of conflict on the job and I have been disrespected on the job sinceContinue reading “I QUIT!”

The first 20

Good Monday Morning!   What do you do the first 20 minutes after you wake up? I listened to Les Brown last week and he said the first 20 mins of your day will set the tone and mood for the rest of your day. If you start out negatively, it has a possibility ofContinue reading “The first 20”

My recovery story..

As promised this is my recovery story. I had surgery on the 16th of December. The polyp that was removed was found benign. Thank you Lord. The first week of recovery was the most painful week I have ever experienced in my entire life. I pride myself on having a high tolerance for pain, butContinue reading “My recovery story..”

Is it safe?

Last night I didn’t get much sleep. When I did turn off the light somehow I was a bit fearful. Why? Hmmm..I love the dark I’ve never been scared of it my whole adult life. Then I woke up extremely early bc the sun was shining directly into my bedroom. I woke up in pain-noContinue reading “Is it safe?”