“Hi Stranger”-have you seen it?

Here is my take on “Hi Stranger”. When I first saw it on facebook, I laughed so hard!! Why did I laugh, because I immediately looked at the clay man’s butt. Then when it said, “It’s ok, you can look at my butt..” I laughed, then IT laughed! I was so amused! Then I wasContinue reading ““Hi Stranger”-have you seen it?”

Good MorningšŸ¤“

This was my view early this morning. I have an exam tonight. My professor says it will not be as hard as the previous exam, but that means nothing to me. I don’t wanna get my face broke!  

Non profit session part2

  My picture of the day…I actually found this little cart thing by the trash can of my complex. Residents will put items they don’t want on the side of the dumpster rather than inside the dumpster if the item isĀ something that someone else may want. I went to the dumpster in hopes to doContinue reading “Non profit session part2”

My test gradešŸ‘šŸ¾

Praise the Lord! My first test in 6 years outside of the GRE. Look at my grade…eeekkkk outta all that red ink, I still managed to get an A! This test was something else. But look at God! Anyway…on to the next!

Burnout self-test

Thanks to this website for this questionniare where you can find out whether or not you are experiencing burn out or not. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTCS_08.htm Check it out and let me know where you scored and I’ll let you know what mine is!

These dreams..excite

Why am I about to write about dreams smack in the middle of the day? I just wanted to share with you counselor, a conversation I had with my boo thing the other day. I asked him, do you have moments at work where you get excited about your work?? He said, no. So IContinue reading “These dreams..excite”

Therapist Humor

Unless you’re traveling United..lol haha   My favorite!   well..not really therapist humor, but frosty will need one after this..   So annoying!   It happens  

The Survivor’s Session

This song resonated with me last night as I was on the way home from my graduation from my weight loss program. During the graduation all of the participants were able to share their personal statements, their affirmations and their what can “I” do that I could not do before the 12 week program? MyContinue reading “The Survivor’s Session”