Wait til they see my smile…

Alicia Keys came out with this song back during a time where I was struggling with a lot of first time adult things on top of childhood pains. The year was 2009 when the album “The Element of Freedom” was dropped. I was working a job that had me on the road doing therapy/case management.Continue reading “Wait til they see my smile…”


As a counselor we invite people to become more open to us, total strangers. And what do they do? They open up to us, telling us somethings that have never been expressed to even their closest loved ones. I have a confession about the lack of self care that I was giving myself most ofContinue reading “Confession”

Note to self series

I have been away because my days have been spent looking for replacement vehicles for my 11 year old Nissan Murano. I had the truck for 7 years and did not anticipate buying another vehicle for at least another year. I loved my note free days! Anyway, so not only was I looking for replacementContinue reading “Note to self series”

uncomfortable session

Sometimes I question my transparency on this internet thing but then I don’t. I am a counselor and I want to help other counselors in the field, so one must be transparent. So I am going to move into a moment of not feeling so comfortable. I had something happen to me last week. IContinue reading “uncomfortable session”

Good MorningšŸ¤“

This was my view early this morning. I have an exam tonight. My professor says it will not be as hard as the previous exam, but that means nothing to me. I don’t wanna get my face broke!  

Non profit session part2

  My picture of the day…I actually found this little cart thing by the trash can of my complex. Residents will put items they don’t want on the side of the dumpster rather than inside the dumpster if the item isĀ something that someone else may want. I went to the dumpster in hopes to doContinue reading “Non profit session part2”

Inspire Me February

I am back. I have been away for a few days as life has been moving quickly with school work and time schedules. I’d love to inspire you today. It’s FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!! *Picture this* Remember when you were a fresh and new college graduate? You greeted the world with fresh eyes and energy! You hadĀ conquered theContinue reading “Inspire Me February”

My test gradešŸ‘šŸ¾

Praise the Lord! My first test in 6 years outside of the GRE. Look at my grade…eeekkkk outta all that red ink, I still managed to get an A! This test was something else. But look at God! Anyway…on to the next!

Lunch box session

I am late on my lunch break but I’m cool Earlier in my career I performed intensive in home counseling for a company that was rather large. And also did in home for a smaller company. Either way I spent majority of my time sitting in a car, driving to different people’s homes, court appointments,Continue reading “Lunch box session”