Wait til they see my smile…

Alicia Keys came out with this song back during a time where I was struggling with a lot of first time adult things on top of childhood pains. The year was 2009 when the album “The Element of Freedom” was dropped. I was working a job that had me on the road doing therapy/case management.Continue reading “Wait til they see my smile…”

The Survivor’s Session

This song resonated with me last night as I was on the way home from my graduation from my weight loss program. During the graduation all of the participants were able to share their personal statements, their affirmations and their what can “I” do that I could not do before the 12 week program? MyContinue reading “The Survivor’s Session”

Morning session

Good Morning helpers! I have been ill this week with sinusitis and pharyngitis. I’m trying to head to work early today and as we speak I have a heating pad on my forehead. But it’s Friday! We made it to the end of the week after Thanksgiving break! Woohoo! While I’ve been home Resting. I’veContinue reading “Morning session”

A dedication

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wJTV-Tr-L7Q I dedicate this video to all of those in the helping profession! Somewhere out there someone is thinking of me..yes it is juvenile but I remember watching this scene as a kid and becoming so enthused. I thought about it tonight and wanted to share it with you. Thank you for joining so manyContinue reading “A dedication”

Happy Hump Day helpers

I am a little late on the good morning post..and I will tell you why with a bit of transparency. I.AM.TIRED this morning family. How about you? Did you sleep well last night? What helps you when you wake up and realize you need a couple of more hours in the bed to function? IContinue reading “Happy Hump Day helpers”