This week I went to a Yoga and Mindfulness training for adolescents on Wednesday. It was for work and I did not expect to gain as much practical information as I did. The trainer is who I enjoyed, as she is passionate about her craft and the information she presents. I arrived at this trainingContinue reading “Heaven”

Be honest about Secondary Trauma..let’s talk

The Cost of Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and the difference between that and burnout. If you are in the helping profession, which includes mental health, medical field or those who are taking care of others day in and day out. Please take care of yourself. You may not “feel” stressed, but your body is screaming!Continue reading “Be honest about Secondary Trauma..let’s talk”

Coming Soon!

Coming soon this week and next! 10 things you wish you had known before you started working in this field That moment when… Toasted When your boss hates you but your clients love you! Secondary trauma for social worker realness! The bonus!!! THANKFULNESS THURSDAY! My LPC process     By the way, the baby at counseling4counselor.comContinue reading “Coming Soon!”

Your Good Morning session

Your Good Morning session is awaiting! It’s the only session that helps you my fellow helpers! So if you don’t mind to sit back, turn up your speakers in the car, office, home or headphones. You know this tune from days of old. Welcome to Thursday! As I like to call “Friday Eve”❤️ Enjoy, CounselorContinue reading “Your Good Morning session”

6 ways counselors stay happy..

According to this article from CNN…crisis counselors have found ways to stay happy among the chaos that is their jobs. How crisis counselors stay happy By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN Updated 11:27 AM ET, Fri May 29, 2015 Follow CNN’s Project Happy to explore what happiness means today, dive deep into the different ways we pursueContinue reading “6 ways counselors stay happy..”

Rebuilding Your Life

I hate to go corn dog on my readers. But no matter how work goes or the government turns out, we are all responsible for our own purposes and lives. No matter what everyone else is doing. If your purpose is truly to be a mental health professional yet you have lost focused, there canContinue reading “Rebuilding Your Life”

Dr. Seuss knows

Yes, thank you helpers. Where would the world be without you?

The news of our profession..

Check out this article on the 13 lowest paying jobs with a master’s degree. Where do you rank? We do not get in the business to make bank obviously but we definitely want to feed our families and live comfortably. How can we change this? What do you think needs to be done to earnContinue reading “The news of our profession..”

Get this victory(Rocky edition)

Check me out at the wax museum. A dream come true. My most favorite scene from the movie Rocky. I paid no attention to this movie when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was older and going through a massively hard time in life while working a horrible job, worked 60 hour weeks, wasContinue reading “Get this victory(Rocky edition)”