This week I went to a Yoga and Mindfulness training for adolescents on Wednesday. It was for work and I did not expect to gain as much practical information as I did. The trainer is who I enjoyed, as she is passionate about her craft and the information she presents. I arrived at this trainingContinue reading “Heaven”

Coming Soon!

Coming soon this week and next! 10 things you wish you had known before you started working in this field That moment when… Toasted When your boss hates you but your clients love you! Secondary trauma for social worker realness! The bonus!!! THANKFULNESS THURSDAY! My LPC process     By the way, the baby at counseling4counselor.comContinue reading “Coming Soon!”

Roadblocks to self care

COUNSELING TODAY, COVER STORIES Taking care of yourself as a counselor By Lynne Shallcross January 17, 2011 Anyone who has flown on an airplane and listened to the flight attendant before takeoff has been cautioned what to do in the event the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling: Put on your own mask first beforeContinue reading “Roadblocks to self care”

Oh how I love thee..

Good Morning Helpers! Oh How I love thee for choosing to come to work today and show up for your clients day in and day out. Oh How I love thee for choosing to eat a cold lunch after dealing with crisis situations and delayed schedules. Oh How I love thee for working for littleContinue reading “Oh how I love thee..”